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Custom orthotics can help treat problems associated with many ailments from muscle strain to joint discomfort. However, your success in treatment heavily depends on whether the custom orthotic is fitted correctly for you and your specific condition. Our team of dedicated healthcare professionals at HealthMax Physio Thornhill can help you get customized orthotics molded to the support requirements of your feet to get you on a faster path to recovery.  

How getting custom orthotics fitted at our Scarborough Clinic works:

  • We use a TOG GaitScan, a revolutionary diagnostic tool that helps healthcare practitioners assess and analyze your feet. As you walk across a pressure plate, the GaitScan system uses thousands of tiny sensors to capture the distribution of pressure of your foot over time.
  • From your step, a 3D computer model is made and findings are printed in a report that helps the doctor evaluate your feet and determine if the pain you are experiencing is due to an abnormal foot function.
  • The GaitScan information is used to manufacture custom made orthotics made specifically for you and your feet.

Experiencing some pain in your foot and interested in learning how custom orthotics can help? Come visit our orthotics staff in Scarborough for a consultation and let us help you get the relief and treatment you need.

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    “I tore my ACL, MCL ligaments in my right knee due to a sports related injury. Within a few months of receiving their treatment, I noticed significant improvement. I have nothing but praise for their fabulous services. They have been most accommodating and have gone over and above what was expected. They are a very personable, professional, and my sessions were very effective. I’ve received physiotherapy, chiropractic, acupuncture and massage therapy. I am very pleased and would recommend their services”
    – Kevin Jayawardene – Scarborough, ON

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