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Our Scarborough acupuncturists help you eliminate pain by leveraging the best acupuncture services in tandem with our other physiotherapeutic solutions to help you solve your underlying issues.

Our Acupuncture Services in Scarborough

  • Improve the potential of other treatments
  • Help you manage symptoms for various issues
  • Relieve your overall pain

Acupuncture treatments have a long history, having been used actively throughout the last 2,000 years. This kind of solution works incredibly well in combination with other forms of treatments as a way to manage and heal sources of pain and symptoms.

Acupuncture needles, alongside proper knowledge and technique, are used to manage pain and internal energies and promote your body’s natural restoration process by directly interacting with your nervous system. Our acupuncturists help to create and maintain your body’s internal balance and improve your health levels throughout, from managing pain to enhanced energies levels.

Scarborough Acupuncture Treatment

Our acupuncture services are used either in isolation or in tandem with our suite of expert medical services. Each of our clients come to us because we’ve consistently delivered to them the highest levels of care. All our therapists have proven expertise, a high degree of training, and complete certifications. Our acupuncture services in Scarborough help to empower you, allowing you to take back control over your sources of pain.

How Our Acupuncture Treatment Works

The needles we use in our acupuncture therapies are extremely narrow, meaning that they can be inserted quickly and smoothly, without causing any damage in the tissues. No drugs are used at any point in the procedure. The needles themselves are what provides the needed stimulation to your damaged tissues. Each treatment we offer at our Scarborough location is fully tailored to meet your specific needs. For most regular acupuncture treatment sessions, the needles are left in place for, depending on the patient, between 15 to 30 minutes.

Benefits of our Acupuncture Clinic in Scarborough

In the past, people sought out acupuncture treatments as a way of restoring and promoting their body’s internal energy reservoirs with traditional & natural wellness treatments. There are many benefits that an acupuncture treatment at our Scarborough branch can provide, including:

Our acupuncture needles, alongside the expertise of our staff, are able to specifically target various points throughout your body. The natural rate of production of your body’s steroids is improved and endorphins are released when you undergo acupuncture treatment. These steroids directly help to decrease inflammation levels, while the increased release of endorphins help you to manage pain. The combination of steroids and endorphins in unison are an excellent way to address your body’s pain.

The acupuncture treatments that we provide allow us to treat a huge range of issues that include:

  • Strokes
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Sciatica
  • Headaches
  • Sprains
  • Slip and fall or motor vehicle accident injuries
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Postoperative pain
  • Muscle pain, such as neck, shoulder, and back injuries

Acupuncture is an ideal solution to chronic pain. The range of therapeutic services we offer, including acupuncture, is entirely drug-free.

One of the best reasons to seek out acupuncture treatments is because acupuncture is an excellent complement to other therapy treatments that reduce pain and eliminate symptoms. Acupuncture also has minimal side effects, so for symptoms that it can help you to address, it makes sense to pursue treatment.

When combined with our range of psychotherapeutic treatments or in isolation, acupuncture treatment can help to enhance the restorative impact of each treatment we provide. Our acupuncture experts create customized, comprehensive, and multidisciplinary forms of treatment that are designed to fit into your life while fixing your sources of pain by leveraging various different therapies.

Remove pain from your life by using our acupuncture treatments. We’ll put a stop to your symptoms and sources of pain. Contact us or book an appointment today to eliminate your discomfort.

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    “I tore my ACL, MCL ligaments in my right knee due to a sports related injury. Within a few months of receiving their treatment, I noticed significant improvement. I have nothing but praise for their fabulous services. They have been most accommodating and have gone over and above what was expected. They are a very personable, professional, and my sessions were very effective. I’ve received physiotherapy, chiropractic, acupuncture and massage therapy. I am very pleased and would recommend their services”
    – Kevin Jayawardene – Scarborough, ON

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