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Are You Experiencing Foot-Related Discomfort?

Custom Orthotics are a great way to fix issues in your feet. By using state of the art technology, we’re able to perfectly analyze your feet and create orthotics that can best help you.

Our custom orthotics in North York:

  • Are made by our highly skilled team
  • Are created with the support of state of the art technology
  • Will enhance your overall body’s posture and walking mechanics

Your feet are a critical piece in the overall picture of your body’s health. Not only can they impact your walking ability, they can also harm your posture. As a result, for your long-term comfort, it is vital that if you’re experiencing issues with your feet, that you look into custom orthotics. Everyone’s feet are different, why should you settle for generic orthotics that may not even help you?

Why You Need Custom Orthotics

Custom orthotics look like insoles, but are designed to correct improper foot function and instep. They are worn inside your shoes, providing support, alignment, and balance to help your feet function the way in which they were intended.

The custom orthotics we create in our North York clinic are molded to support the specific requirements your feet need. By slowly correcting foot abnormalities, our custom orthotics can help reduce issues related to pressure points, muscle strain, and discomfort in knees, hips, ankles, and the spine. As the correction process occurs and your feet begin to adjust, they’ll relieve you of pain and fatigue.

Your feet are unique. As a result, you should have orthotics that are specially created for you. Generic orthotics, while they may work for some, will never be able to do as good of a job as custom ones. They are made for the average foot and are not able to factor in information such as the width of your foot, how you walk, and any other issues or concerns that may be relevant.

The Technology That Powers Our Custom Orthotics

In order to create the best possible custom orthotics, we use a technology called TOG GaitScan. This state of the art technology enables our staff to analyze and assess your feet. This happens when you walk across a pressure plate. The plate contains thousands of tiny sensors that capture the pressure of your foot over time.

That information is then converted into a 3D model and printed into a report that assists the doctor in determining whether the pain you’re experiencing is due to an abnormal step. The information gathered from GaitScan can then be converted into custom orthotics for you.

Getting custom orthotics should be a top priority for you if you’re experiencing foot related issues. These issues can negatively impact a huge portion of your life, like your posture. Don’t let your feet defeat your ability to live the way you want to. Contact us today to see if our custom orthotics in North York or any of our services such as chiropractic care are right for you.

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