Medical Assessment

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Diligent Medical Assessments

Healthmax Physiotherapy Clinics provide accurate, unbiased and independent medical assessments to the government, insurance companies, legal entities and corporations. When you have a reliable Toronto healthcare clinic to assist both you and your claimants, you benefit from timely dispute resolutions and significant cost savings.

We employ due diligence at all stages of the assessment process, which includes:

  • Helping clients choose the most suitable health expert
  • Meeting predefined service deadlines
  • Producing high quality, unbiased reports

Our consultants consist of experienced and certified physicians and health professionals across the Greater Toronto Area. At Healthmax Physiotherapy, we understand the importance of third party assessments and how our reports translate into valuable solutions for our clients.

Assessment File Review

Our health professionals are happy to visit your facility to provide a review and advisory services on any pre and post-filed claims. After conducting an in-depth analysis of the file, our experts will provide you with a clear and detailed approach to realizing the most desirable outcome. These consultations can help you avoid processing unnecessary assessments, thereby saving you time and money.

Our Medical Assessment Team

Healthmax Physiotherapy’s comprehensive assessment team is capable of handling a diversity of cases, from simple to very complex. When required, we may engage the services of medical experts and other specialists. Our assessors are experts in their respective fields, and many are published authors and professional speakers. The Healthmax Physiotherapy assessment team has an in-depth knowledge of pertinent legal practices, and stays informed of changes in legislation and relevant case-law, ensuring delivery of quality reports that hold up in court.

Assessors are selected according to their skill and experience related to the individual case. Each assessor has the necessary qualifications and proficiency to produce accurate reports and to defend their findings in court.

Medical Assessments and Services

Healthmax Physiotherapy offers the following assessment related services:

  • Catastrophic Injury Management
  • Diagnostic Testing
  • Compiling Evidence Reports
  • Chronic Pain Assessments
  • Psychological Assessments
  • Functional Abilities Evaluations
  • In-Home Assessments
  • Independent Job Site Assessments
  • Pre-Claim Examinations
  • Future Care Cost Assessments
  • Future Costs of Medical / Rehabilitation Benefits Assessments
  • Homesite & Worksite Analyses
  • Physiatry Assessments
  • Neurological Assessments
  • Neuropsychology Examinations
  • Orthopedic Assessments
  • Psychiatry Evaluations
  • Vocational Evaluations

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