Cervical Neck Pillows

What is a Cervical Pillow?

Cervical pillows are a group of pillows designed to support the neck during sleep, ensuring that it is held in the proper alignment with the rest of the body. They come in a variety of types that can be beneficial depending on the specific type of support you are looking for.

While most cervical pillows are made of memory foam, they can also be constructed of latex or even a gel-based product. They feature unique grooves and indentations that help ensure the neck and spine are optimally positioned.

Cervical pillows or Orthopedic pillows

Some of the different types of cervical pillows include:

Neck pillows. These pillows are shaped to provide extra support for the neck regardless of whether you are lying on your side or back.

Cradle pillows. A cradle pillow features an indentation in the center, designed specifically to take the weight off the neck while distributing it evenly.

Side pillows. Side pillows ensure that your neck is properly aligned while sleeping on your side. Additionally, it helps support your body so that you can sleep in the optimal position.

Whichever type you choose, there is a cervical pillow available that will help to preserve your body’s natural alignment while helping you to get a good night’s sleep.

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