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80 Clementine Drive, Unit 11, Brampton, ON, L6Y 0L8

Tel: 647-503-0278

Fax: 905-451-9973

Hours of Operation:
Mon-Thrs: 9AM to 7PM
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Sat: 10AM to 2PM
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Our team of health care professionals at the HealthMax Physio Brampton clinic hold a strong commitment to our patients. Our main priority is to figure out the best treatment plan for you and get you back to optimal health.

We begin by developing a specialized treatment plan catered to your individual needs and lifestyle. An initial medical assessment with one of our specialists will help us develop the best recommendations including a comprehensive, integrated course of treatment.

We have an innovative team that, using specific techniques and treatments, are able to manage and prevent a range of injuries caused by things like illness, slips and falls, or other injuries.

Why seek treatment from our Brampton physiotherapy clinic team?

  • Our Brampton physiotherapy team provides a tailored treatment plan based on your condition.
  • We leverage a multidisciplinary team of healthcare professionals to provide you with complete care.
  • We use a proactive approach to get you back to your optimal health and prevent future injuries.

If you’re suffering from pain and are ready to start getting your life back in order, contact us today to schedule an initial consultation and begin the process of restoring your body to its optimal condition!

Be sure to ask about our full range of services such as Shockwave Therapy and more!

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    “Thank you for helping me through my recovery. The team of PTs were very knowledgeable and extremely professional. Having been to a few PT practices over the years, this is the one I would highly recommend to anyone looking for help with injuries or chronic pain. The team of doctors and medical practitioners are very committed to helping people heal and recover. There’s a real focus on figuring out the root causes of a problem and when to stay the course with a certain treatment versus trying new things. I have great trust on the team, they’re great people!”
    -Daniela Rimasti

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