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For those dealing with discomfort in their legs –  whether it be swelling, varicose veins or other more serious conditions like thrombosis,  medical gradient compression stockings may be the solution.   Compression stockings help relieve these symptoms by increasing circulation due to the constraint around the ankle forcing the calf muscle to pump blood more efficiently.

However, it’s important you have the right fit for the stocking to work effectively.  At our Brampton clinic, we can evaluate your condition and properly size the compression stocking perfectly to provide you with a more comfortable alternative. Our Brampton clinic has THERAFIRM® gradient compression stockings suitable for a wide range of needs and support levels.

Our Compression Stockings in Brampton clinic:

  • We have skilled therapists that are trained in the assessment and sizing of your compression stockings.
  • We use the highest quality medical gradient compression stockings.
  • We will help you with your Extended Health Coverage, Motor Vehicle Accident, or WSIB Claims.

Visit us for a full range of health products such as Custom Orthotics and more.

Contact us today if you’re having issues with swelling and soreness and we’ll assist in speeding your recovery.

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    “Very warm, welcoming and efficient clinic. The health care practitioners worked on my injuries as a team and got rid of my chronic sciatica pain.”
    – Pauly

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