Custom Back Braces

Back braces are medical devices designed to support and limit the motion of the spine in order to provide rehabilitative healing for a range of postoperative and trauma issues. It can also help to improve posture and limit pain so that the user can enjoy a more comfortable daily experience.

Custom back braces are specifically engineered to conform to a wearer’s body, giving them the optimal amount of support and relief that only a perfectly-tailored device can provide.

Benefits of HealthMax Custom Back Braces

There are two common types of back braces:

Rigid back braces. These form-fitting braces made of hard plastic materials are custom molded and designed to limit spinal motion by up to 50%. These types of braces are most often used to support the back after suffering a fracture or after fusion surgery.

While they are generally less comfortable than elastic types of braces, they provide strong support when needed the most.

Elastic back braces. These types of braces limit lumbar motion and generally have two functions: to provide support after fusion surgery, and for proactive support to prevent injury to the back from repetitive or heavy lifting.

At your assessment with our staff, you’ll be fitted for a custom back brace that’s both comfortable to wear and optimal for your injury recovery needs. Our friendly and knowledgeable technicians will ensure that your back brace is customized to your body and is right for you.

Healthmax Physiotherapy Clinics excel at providing exceptional patient rehabilitation care in a friendly and professional setting. Contact us today to book your appointment for a custom back brace fitting by our expert technicians.

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