Aqua Therapy

Help Your Recovery Process By Using Aqua Therapy Treatment.

Aquatic therapy allows you to strengthen your body without discomfort. Benefit from our tailored aqua therapy programs.

Heal your body with our aquatic pool therapy that delivers:

  • A completely painless healing process
  • Improved muscular strength recovery while completely safe
  • Increase body awareness and balance
  • Raised morale during recovery
  • Special treatments for motor vehicle accident injuries

What is Aquatic Therapy?

Aquatic therapy has been used to treat a wide range of ailments and injuries including: neurological disorders, musculoskeletal pain, sports-related injuries and rehabilitation, arthritis, back and neck pain, impaired balance, chronic pain and much more. Aquatic Therapy is especially effective in the rehabilitation of motor vehicle accident injuries.

Aquatic therapy differs from normal aquatic exercise or aquatic fitness because it is a form of physical treatment and rehabilitation that requires the oversight of a trained professional to ensure that it’s done properly and safely.

Why Our Aquatic Physical Therapy Is The Perfect Choice To Help Heal Your Body

There are a wide range of reasons why aquatic therapy is an excellent way to treat your physical injuries and ailments. These include:

Because a warm water pool is a lower gravity environment, patients who have gone through trauma or surgery are able to perform strengthening exercises without overly stressing their bodies.

This means that you can recover from surgery, sports-related injuries, arthritis, and much more in an environment that prevents you from experiencing the pain from your condition.

For patients suffering from injuries as a result motor vehicle accidents, aquatic therapy gives them the opportunity to become active, safely. Common injuries from motor vehicle accidents such as back and neck, commonly whiplash, react well to aqua therapy treatment.

After surgery or an injury, you’ll need to carefully rebuild the lost muscle in order to resume your previous quality of life. However, normal exercise can be too strenuous for some patients. Aqua therapy is the solution for patients like these. The lower levels of gravity and increased buoyancy reduce the damage that exercise can impose on your body while allowing you to gradually increase your strength.

Because the patient is submerged in water, they’re able to focus on what their body tells them. This means that when you pursue aquatic therapy with us, you’re able to get a clearer sense of your body and improve your balance.

Additionally, because of the improved balance, once you finish your aquatic therapy exercises, you’ll be better able to complete regular exercises.

When you suffer an injury or go through a painful surgery, it can be incredibly frustrating healing process. For a time, you’d be unable to enjoy your normal quality of life, which can be quite draining.

Beginning to work towards the elimination of sources of pain can restore your mental state and give you the motivation you need to continue to push through towards a full recovery.

Begin your road to recovery without suffering pain. Whether you’ve suffered a sports-related injury, a recent surgery, or a wide range of issues, our aquatic therapy solutions are the answer to help you heal.

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