Ankle Braces

What is an Ankle Braces?

An ankle brace is a device designed to provide compression support for the ankle in the event of a strain or an injury. It consists of stretchable fabric that helps to immobilize the joint while promoting healing of the surrounding musculature and tissue.

While these devices have a similar goal, the types chosen will depend on personal needs. Some ankle braces are pulled over the foot while others are closed via velcro straps.

There are several reasons for wearing an ankle brace. These include:

Sprain. In a sprain, the tendons and connective tissue can become damaged. An ankle brace helps in two ways: by helping to limit movement while providing pressure on the affected areas, allowing the tissues to return to a healthy state.

Preventative. In the event that the ankle has experienced a previous sprain or injury, wearing an ankle brace can help to support the joint in order to prevent future injuries from occurring.

Healthmax Physiotherapy Clinics offers a full range of ankle braces that can be custom fitted to your unique body shape. Our friendly and knowledgeable technicians can help you to select the one that is right for you, and that will help to promote healing and reduce pain while preventing future injury.

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